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Guess what? When you are rushing to do your important business which is must done in private, it’s disgusting when you can hear your neighbor freely do his/her business and let other neighbor who stand in front of the mirror for a break to hear that weird sound.

Why don’t they try to lower that partition so our neighbor wouldn’t know who sit next to them, or even can see our private business duhh- Atleast play some music? To stop silent and awkward moment.

It was sickening when we have to control ourselves from making a noise, or step a lot in that room.
Huh, shame on me and shame on us. Well I am talking about toilet, our private room to do important business right?

Why on the earth I post this entry? It is because, one of my colleagues asking me this question after both of us done our own business with uncomfortable mode. Ugh, I can see my neighbor shoes-legs-butt-hoohaa even it’s not clear but still, I need privacy to poop and pee!

The floor always wet, and its transform your floor to “mirror mirror on the floor, whose butt are beautiful in the world?”

Haih, the proot and ploop sound too clear guys

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Sudden attack- Its Migrain

Assalamualaikum,  aku tulis entry ni tanpa melihat monitor, bukan nak test ke ape- tapi aku nak share apa yang aku rasa sekarang..
Sakit mata aku datang balik… Harap tak lama la… dan tak makin teruk, last few month kena.. aku tak boleh nak buka mata.. asyik rasa nak tidur.. rasa nak muntah…

Tahu kenapa?
Sebab pandangan aku kabur… Nampak macam ada garisan panjang bergerak-gerak L tak selesa… sangat tak selesa… rasa pening- nak jalan pun tak berani skg ni..hurm…

Updated [19/10/2016 | 9:23]


Makanan, stres, dan perubahan aktiviti rutin harian, walaupun tidak jelas bagaimana dan mengapa hal tersebut dapat menyebabkan migrain. Punca migrain lain:

* Pengambilan makanan tertentu, seperti coklat, MSG, dan kaffein
* Tidur berlebihan atau kurang tidur
* Tidak makan
* Perubahan cuaca atau tekanan udara
* Stress atau tekanan emosi
* Bau yang sangat menyengat atau asap rokok
* Sinar yang sangat terang atau pantulan cahaya matahari.

Migrain Klasik (migrain dengan aura ) :
Pada jenis klasik, migrain biasanya didahului oleh suatu gejala yang dinamakan aura, yang terjadi dalam 30 minit sebelum timbul migrain. Migrain klasik merupakan 30% dari semua migrain.

Satu atau dua hari sebelum timbul migrain, pesakit biasanya mengalami gejala awal seperti lemah, menguap berlebihan, sangat menginginkan suatu jenis makanan (misalnya coklat), mudah tersinggung, dan gelisah.

Aura: Hanya didapati pada migrain klasik. Biasanya terjadi dalam 30 minit sebelum timbulnya migrain. Aura dapat berbentuk gangguan penglihatan seperti melihat garis yang bergelombang, cahaya terang, bintik gelap, atau tidak dapat melihat benda dengan jelas. Gejala aura yang lain iaitu rasa geli atau rasa kebas di tangan. Sebahagian pesakit tidak dapat bertutur dengan baik, merasa kebas di tangan, atau wajah, atau merasa lemah pada satu sisi tubuhnya. Pesakit dapat mengalami hanya satu gejala saja atau beberapa macam gejala, tetapi gejala ini tidak timbul bersamaan melainkan bergantian. Suatu gejala aura biasanya menghilang saat nyeri kepala atau gejala aura yang lain timbul. Namun kadang-kadang gejala aura tetap bertahan pada permulaan sakit kepala.

Sakit kepala dan gejala penyerta: Penderita merasakan nyeri berdenyut pada satu sisi kepala, sering terasa di belakang mata. Nyeri dapat berpindah pada sisi sebelahnya pada serangan berikutnya, atau mengenai kedua belah sisi. Rasa nyeri berkisar antara sedang sampai berat. Gejala lain yang sering menyertai nyeri kepala antara lain:

* Kepekaan berlebihan terhadap sinar, suara, dan bau
* Mual dan muntah
* Gejala semakin berat jika beraktifitas fisik

Tanpa pengobatan, sakit kepala biasanya sembuh sendiri dalam 4 sampai 72 jam.

Gejala Akhir: Setelah nyeri kepala sembuh, penderita mungkin merasa nyeri pada ototnya, lemas, atau bahkan merasakan kegembiraan yang singkat. Gejala-gejala ini menghilang dalam 24 jam setelah hilangnya sakit kepala.


Ayah kata “Hang ni banyak penyakit, haritu hidung berdarah, senak perut sekarang sakit kepala migraine”, “Hang selalu bad mood, stress- bila da hilang benda tu semua tekanan tu pergi kat darah”.
“Orang lain stress, darah makin naik.. jantung makin laju, hang? Jadi terbalik.. semua rendah”

18/10/2016 | 20:00 (ASD patient)
Blood Pressure Reading
Up: 106
Down: 67
Pulse: 69

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Amai Umai Café in Laguna Merbok ClubHouse

Is a family café managed by 3 sisters that serve common snacks and drinks
while introducing its own unique and innovative menu to give the dining experience one could not have unless visiting the specific place.
(words credit to fb Amai Umai Cafe)

It was a unique name and make me eager to know where it's comes from and what its means, owner correct me if I am wrong.
It was Japanese words :
甘い (amai) means 'sweet'
うまい (umai) is a multi-meaning word, which generally means 'good'

Address: Kelab Bandar Laguna Merbok, 23 Persiaran BLM 3, 08000 Sungai Petani
FB pages: Kelab Bandar Laguna Merbok
Business Hours: Open Daily : 09:30 - 20:00
Serve: Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee and Drinks
Phone number: 019-477 8277
Services: Walk-ins welcome, Good for children, Takeaway, Table service and Outdoor seating
Cuisine: Asian Fusion, Breakfast, Brunch, Italian and Sandwiches

FB reviews from customer

Last but not least, my own review about this cafe- highly recommend
for those who willing to dine in cafe concept at Laguna Merbok ClubHouse,
before or after joined their activites or any function since there are swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium room and function room provided in this ClubHouse.
This cafe will change their menu on daily basis except for Nasi Lemak, which is must try~!!
beware of their sambal.Those who can't stand for spicy food do not hesitate to try their various type of food or drinks.
The most important is their price quite affordable~!!

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Is my blog still alive?

I'm used to shared my story with my blog, but somehow feel insecured since I couldnt protect or change security for my reader-
and I did share link for my blog to Mr Panda- well I'm not sure if he still remember my existance :)

my last entry on 31st December 2013, to celebrate anniversary for my blog which I did every year- to re-call everything happen to me for that year of course :D

Do I need to closed my blog? or left it untouched? or make it alive again?

Yours sincerely,

ex blogger

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Good morning everyone~! genki desuka?
aww, yup.. weird title ne-

Hai~! on this entry I wanna let you know my only Malay idol that I love from the first time he make a debut on our local TV drama.

and this is my first time, posting super long entry for “Person that I admire the most” and I’m not sure whether to show this entry for public, friends or just me..

sorry for my wordCollapse )
p/s: too lazy.. to make it detail, but I guess this is the best entry that I could done for him. will update this entry with my collection about him..
there's maybe lot of negative issue, I heard or read about this guy. but I'd rather looking at his acting skills.. the same goes with my ichiban, maybe there's a lot of rumors that I havent heard.. but he always be my ichiban-


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minna gomen-ne, I need to hold this report till Ryuusei’s birthday hahaha..[please~! remember his birthday okay?]
I need to post this entry a day before his birthday lol.. [too excited~!]

9 June 2012, which is 4 days more before Ryuusei’s birthday nyahaha.. [okay, I need to stop talking about Ryuusei- right NOW]

as I mention about this on my entry at Toma's Room [click HERE to read about it]
hontouni arigatou gozaimasu, otousan.. because you help me out to prepare a gift for my fangirling-

[preparation for my fangirling mode]

so, it has been told from my previous entry..that we should meet in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
Our first location has been set at Starbucks, thanks minna.. as you know, we need to find the right place for us..

on having a long chat? [or daydreaming] because we don’t need to pay service charge while waiting the next person ho ho
when I said this is our first gathering, I feel a bit nervous.. never met them in real life ne- this is first time I met amal-senpai, im-chan, aria-chan, weiting-chan, aya-chan and Suzzane. [am I dreaming??] I thought,
I won’t get a chance to met them in real life xD [too excited~!!]


[the awkward moment]

no one, could help us out for this awkward moment.. too shy- quiet- I just heard some noise from others group ~_~
finally, I try to break this silent/awkward moment..

[photoset-for toma fangirls]
(credit to respective owner)

by giving everyone Toma’s photos.. [my heart beats faster than usual okay]
aww- I love this moment.. but I couldn’t record their reaction while looking at Toma photo..it was precious moment when.. all of them adore with their Prince’ photo [I was like kYAah~]
finally our leader (im-chan) arrived~! then she asked a lot of question..[interview session ne-]
followed by exchange our gift~! [more like lucky draw, I guess]


and I got this

[from Suzzane]

sorry.. too lazy, to make a report..in detail lol.. but, I'll tell you.. we haven't plan anything for this gathering.. no activity.. still in awkward moment.. Im-chan, suggest to watch movie.. but, the show..too late ne- around 7pm..[to be honest.. I want to watch Madagascar xD]

[+ Japanese mode]

we are now at Tokyo Street~!! heheh

[photo at Tokyo street]

aww.. my legs~! I can’t bear it anymore.. it’s hurt when I need to walk from KLCC to Pavilion..feels like..
I want to pull it out and put it somewhere else.. minna hontouni gomen-nasai..

I couldn’t walk as fast as you guys..and can’t even sitting for a long time.. [I guess s/thing wrong with my knee] for those who’re with me on that day.. [I already gave my own reason right?]
And now, we need to end it right here.. our last location at Pepper Lunch..

[our food]

[last photo when everyone could absorb with the environment]
last but not least.. did I make a good report xD

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Japanese Ent. MEME (Part 2)

Day 9: Your favorite j-pop performance

Yokobou no Rain

Day 10: A j-pop dance you’d like to learn

Day 11: Your favorite j-pop music video

Day 12: The very first j-pop song you’ve ever heard

Day 13: Your favorite j-drama scene

Day 14: A j-pop song that makes you instantly happy

Day 15: A j-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss

Day 16: Your favorite j-pop lyrics and translation
Bokura no Machi de


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Japanese Ent. MEME

I found this MEME from kate_firefly
I'll answer it and may I skip a few from this question?

Day 1: Your favorite j-pop group



Day 2: Your ultimate j-pop bias

Day 3: Your favorite j-drama

Hanazakari no Kimitachi'e

Unubore Deka

Nobuta wo Produce

Day 4: Your favorite j-drama actor

Day 5: Your favorite j-drama actress

Aragaki Yui

Day 6: Your favorite j-pop song from your favorite group

Day 7: A j-pop song that makes you cry

Day 8: A j-pop song you know all the words to
Seishun Amigo (^▼^)


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Minna-san konbanwa , Mashi desu~

Uwaa~ long hiatus ne?

nearly a year from my previous post on 11 July’11

ah- I should post this entry yesterday~ but suddenly I forgot everything
Doesn’t mean that I want to abandon my LJ fu fu.. it just.. I couldn’t manage 2 “house” at the same time

Plus.. I’m pretty busy with my working life.. and almost crazy with it lol..

Aww.. I miss my LJ-chan so much..I don’t wanna mess up my LJ with non important thing- I am sure, for those who has look out on my blog..will said somethin’ like

[euww..what’s wrong with this blogger..it’s messy.. too much rubbish]

so that.. I want to make sure my LJ-chan is clean and fill with good information [can I] it must 100% bout Jpop and my life [try to avoid hallyu wave]

I miss Toma Fandom.. I miss everything related to my ichiban.. I got more bias from Korea.. but they’re still not able to defeat Ikuta Toma..I was trapped am fallin in love with Toma since…mid of 2008, when my roommate show me a dorama from Japan, tbh I don’t really like Jdorama-Kdrama-Tdrama..

She plays Hanazakari no Kimitachi’e.. at first, I feel like.. eyy..what with that girl [Ashiya Mizuki], and [Sano Izumi]
ah- I don’t like him.. serious like pfft.. try to find, X-factor on this dorama [am I pro enough]… finally!!

I found [Nakatsu Shuichi]such a hilarious boy in Ohsaka High School..and I was like..KyaAah!!!! sometimes I mistakenly point [Nakatsu] to [Kagurazaka] pwahaha..

And our room, full with Hanakimi Virus [dangerous like a H***]singing its OST, make a video..[but never post or publish it anywhere] *giggles*.. Hanakimi bring such a nostalgic moment for me and my lovely roommate.

Since then, I will always try to fill my life with Toma stuff.. furthermore, my roommate..keep calling me Toma instead of Mashi..ho ho and from now on I'll force her to keep calling me toma.. no one could replace him unless he’ll disappear from J-Entertainment.. if I am not mistake, last month was his anniversary with JE right??(middle/early of feb’96)he’s already 16 years on this industry~ if there’s child he/she now study in High School [Form 4-in Malaysia]

Hmm..Wonder, when I could meet Toma in person..?it would be great, if he can bring Ryuusei too~ [daydreaming]

Ah- that’s all for today. Hope I am still able to post new entry soon.

psst I’ve been thinking to create new account on tumblr, but still I didn’t know for what purpose if I create tumblr ;p I just think that tumblr is fun *evil laugh*


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